Why Is My Sink Drain Clogged in Springfield Missouri

Why Is My Sink Drain Clogged in Springfield Missouri?

Dealing with a kitchen sink drain clog can be a real household headache. Sometimes it seems like trying to keep your pipes clear is a losing battle. But why? What might cause regular backups in your home? If you're tired of having your sink drain clogged in Springfield Missouri, the causes can range from human error to Father Time.

Start by carefully considering what you are putting down your drains. There are a number of things that shouldn’t go down a sink drain for a number of reasons, but when it comes to clogs, few things are worse than grease. The hot liquid may seem to go down easily, but once it cools, large quantities of grease can easily harden in your pipes, creating an impenetrable wall that won’t let anything through.

Even things that are meant to go down the sink drain, like soap and toothpaste residue, can congeal if they are not thoroughly washed through your pipes with hot water. Also avoid flushing certain items down your toilet, including diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes or paper towels.

Invasive tree roots are another potential issue. If left unchecked, tree roots can grow and tear right through your plumbing system. Not only can they cause holes and blockages, but they’re also capable of wrapping themselves around and crushing your pipes.

Pipes can also break down over time, creating blockages. This is more common with older pipes made of clay, so if you have an older home that may not use modern plastic piping, this is a more likely reason behind blockage worth looking into.

It may be frustrating trying to determine the cause of a drain blockage, but with some knowledge, not only can such problems be fixed, but also prevented. If need help figuring out why is your sink drain clogged in Springfield Missouri, you may need the help of a professional plumber. Whether you need help determining the causes of your sink drain backups or treating them, United Plumbing is always ready and waiting to lend a helpful hand.

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