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Main Sewer Line - Sewer Cleaning Springfield Missouri

If you're having issues with slow running or clogged drains in your house, this could be caused by multiple things. If your drainage issue is isolated to one area of your house like a sink or a toilet, then the problem is likely just with that one particular area.

But if you're having issues with multiple areas that aren't draining properly or if you run your laundry and it backs up into your bathtub, then the culprit could be that your main sewer line is clogged and the most common problem that we encounter are tree roots clogging your sewer line.

Your main sewer service line runs underground and ties into the plumbing underneath your home. Over time, your sewer service line becomes more susceptible to breaks, allowing roots to grow into the line and sludge to build up causing a drain blockage. Our technicians at United Plumbing are thorough and meticulous in ensuring that your sewer line is cleaned out properly.

You may have heard the term "rootering" out a line. As it suggests, this is the process of cleaning the roots out of the main sewer line. Professionally known as "cabling" your line, this process entails using a flexible metal cable that threads into the drain system and around bends and joints.

A cleaning head with razor-sharp teeth is on one end of the cable. This attachment, with the help of the electric motor, rotates the cable through the drain, destroying virtually any obstruction blocking the pipe, shears tree roots and shaves away sludge build-up.

Cabling out your main sewer line is the cheapest and most efficient way to clean your sewer line. There are instances where cabling your sewer line may not be effective in clearing your drain line. If that won't work, then our service vehicles are equipped with hydro-jetting equipment as well as a sewer camera to perform an inspection and get to the root of the problem.

Rest assured, the drain experts at United Plumbing can handle even the toughest of drain blockages. If you suspect your main sewer line is clogged, then contact us to schedule your sewer cleaning appointment.

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