Kitchen Drains

Kitchen Drains - Sink Drain Clogged Springfield Missouri

Kitchen drain clogs are among the most common drain blockages that we get calls about for service. Over time, grease, fat, food bits, soap, and detergent deposits build up in the inner walls of your kitchen drain. As a family-owned business, we know firsthand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. When your kitchen sink isn't working properly, that can impact the entire family. You may have a spare bathroom, but most homes don't have a spare kitchen.

You can count on our team to service your drain cleaning needs the same day you call. The experts at United Plumbing will work diligently to have your kitchen back up and running in a timely manner.

Sometimes your kitchen drain blockage may go beyond just the trap underneath your sink. The buildup can occur in the drain line behind the wall which attaches to the main kitchen line trunk. We use a high powered machine with a flexible cable to cut through the grease and sludge that has built up inside your kitchen drain.

Occasionally, your kitchen drainage issues may be caused by a blockage in your garbage disposal. When debris gets lodged in the garbage disposal, it can cause the disposer to malfunction or freeze up. Whether your disposal needs to be cleaned out or replaced, United Plumbing is always happy to help.

If you are experiencing issues with your kitchen drain or have a sink drain clogged, then contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning appointment.

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