Toilet Clogs

Toilet Clogs - Clogged Toilet in Springfield Missouri

Toilet blockages are one of the most common issues we see at United Plumbing. Sometimes our toilets just don’t operate as we’d like. Most homeowners find that their toilets are running properly and then out of nowhere, you attempt to flush your toilet only to have it run over the top and all over the floor. At United Plumbing, we understand the unpleasant nature of a toilet clog and we make it our priority to get your clogged toilet back in working order as efficiently as possible.

Toilet stoppages may require some exploratory work to determine the cause of the issue. Most often, a clogged toilet in Springfield Missouri is caused by having an excess of solids in the toilet and not enough water or space in the throat of the toilet to flush it all down. These blockages can sometimes be handled simply with a plunger, but often need an auger to move the blockage through the throat of the toilet and push it out into your waste pipes which are connected to your main sewer line.

Occasionally, the blockage is caused by an object that can’t be pushed through with an auger which would result in the toilet needing to be pulled and the object manually removed. Often times, in homes with small children we find a lot of toys. Whether it be a toy your child flushed down the toilet or an object that accidentally fell in and was flushed, United Plumbing can help. We have retrieved jewelry, glasses, dentures, toys, name it.

These are the main problems we look for when diagnosing a clogged toilet:

Is something wrong with the mechanics of the toilet? If the toilet flapper is not opening all the way, it may not be releasing enough water for a proper flush. You can check this problem on your own by checking the chain adjustment to ensure the toilet handle is pulling the flapper open completely while flushing.

Is something lodged in the toilet? If you are experiencing frequent clogs and find yourself plunging the toilet on a regular basis, it is possible that you have a foreign object lodged in the toilet. Sometimes this can be resolved through simple cabling of the toilet itself. Occasionally, the toilet would need to be pulled and manually cleaned to dislodge the object and regain proper functionality.

Is there a paper blockage? If you have attempted to flush your toilet only to have water spilling over the bowl onto the floor, you may have a simple paper blockage. If you attempt to plunge your toilet and are not able to successfully clear the blockage, your toilet may need to be cleaned with an auger. More serious problems may also be present but regardless of the issue, our expert plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to resolve any plumbing problem you may have.

When hiring United Plumbing to handle your bathroom drain cleaning needs, you can rest easy knowing your drains were cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment, by an expert technician, and at a fair price. Call us to schedule your appointment.

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