Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair - Leaky Faucet in Springfield Missouri

At United Plumbing, we make every effort to ensure your faucet issues are handled the right way. Our team of skilled plumbers can handle any of your faucet repair needs using industry-leading techniques. Here are some of the most common causes of faucet problems:

Failed cartridge: If you are experiencing a leak in any of your faucets, it is likely caused by a cartridge that is no longer functioning properly. Some cartridges require special tools for removal. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to tackle this task on your own, be careful not to cause more damage to your valve by trying to remove a cartridge that requires a special tool. If the cartridge breaks off in the valve, the entire faucet will need to be replaced.

Occasionally, the cartridge can’t be replaced without damaging the valve at which point our technicians would recommend replacing your faucet. But the majority of the time, a leaky faucet in Springfield Missouri can be repaired with a quick and simple swap out of the existing cartridge.

Stems: Have you ever heard the saying "They don’t make em’ like they used to?" When it comes to most older faucets, that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes we see older faucets that have valve stems and rubber washers rather than the more modern cartridge faucet. Often times we find valve stem faucets are more cost-effective to replace than repair. There are however repair options, and our team of expertly trained plumbers is ready to help when you need us.

Seats, Springs, and O-rings: If you find your faucet leaking around the spout, sometimes that is an indicator that the seats and springs have gone bad and need to be replaced. If the problems persist after the seats and springs are replaced, then it’s likely that the cartridge needs replaced.

If your faucet is leaking around the handles, you may be able to perform a simple repair yourself by replacing the O-rings under the faucet handle. As always, if you feel you need to hire an expert, we have access to an abundance of repair parts and have the knowledge and skill to handle any of your faucet repair needs.

Low pressure: If you are experiencing low water pressure in any of your faucets you may have sediment clogging a cartridge or your aerator. The aerator (the screen at the tip of your faucet) can simply be unscrewed by hand and cleaned of debris. Occasionally cartridges can be cleaned from debris but most often, it is best to replace a cartridge that is clogged with debris. Lastly, you may have a leak in a water pipe supplying your faucet or potentially a water pipe that is filled with sediment and needs to be replaced.

Whatever your faucet repair needs are, we are committed to providing quality repairs at a fair cost to you. If your faucet cannot be repaired, we are happy to perform a quality faucet installation using quality materials and top-notch installation techniques.

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