Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair - Sewer Gas Springfield Missouri

Facing the need for a main sewer line repair can be stressful. At United Plumbing, we are committed to putting your mind at ease. We always take the time to educate our customers and give you options to consider so you can make the best decision for your home and finances.

When discussing sewer service lines, it is important to understand what is causing the problems you are experiencing to determine the best repair option for your home. Some of the most common problems we come across with sewer service lines include:

Broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipes - This damage is typically caused by shifting of the soil or settling.

Corrosion - The pipe has deteriorated due to age and ground conditions causing broken or collapsed sections and further restricting flow.

Bellied Pipe - We often find a “belly” in the line when a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground/soil conditions, creating a valley that collects solids. Proper bedding of the pipe during installation helps to prevent the type of problem.

Roots - We often find sewer lines that have been penetrated by nearby tree roots, causing breaks in the line and obstructing flow. Often times, the roots can be cut out through cabling the line to free the blockage. If the roots are too bad or have caused extensive damage to the sewer line, a repair or replacement will likely be necessary

Pipe offset - This occurs most often when the existing pipe is constructed of substandard material and is more susceptible to breaks and corrosion. This also occurs when a fitting fails at a joint. Solids will get hung up on the offset causing frequent blockages.

In many cases, a full line replacement is recommended to ensure your line will run smoothly for years to come. But in some cases, repairing the sewer line is a great money-saving option. If the condition of your line is acceptable and the problem can be isolated to one area, repairing your main sewer line might make the most sense.

Whenever you smell sewer gas in your home, you can trust the sewer line repair experts at United Plumbing to give you an honest assessment of what we’d do if it was our sewer line in our own home.

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