Water Softener Repair

Water Softener Repair in Springfield Missouri

Have you invested in a water softening system and it just doesn’t seem to be working quite as well as it used to or perhaps, it’s not working at all? At United Plumbing, our team of plumbers is expertly trained to handle all of your water quality needs. From water softener installation to repair to simple maintenance, our team is ready when you need us!

Has Your Water Softening System Failed?

It can be easy to ignore a water softener that isn’t working properly because quite honestly, it’s a fixture in our homes we often forget we have. Furthermore, once you realize there may be a problem, determining if you need the assistance of a plumber may be difficult given the nature of the subtle warning signs in a failed unit.

Water softening issues can come in a few different forms. Most often, when a water softener fails, it stops softening the water. When this happens you may start to notice a whitish film on your dishes or it’s taking more soap than usual to lather up and get things clean.

Another way to determine your water softener is not working properly is if the salt intake of your softener has slowed down/stopped and you are not having to fill up your softening system with salt as often. Lastly and most easily identified, if you notice water leaking from around your softening system, it is time to contact your local plumbing professionals.

Maintenance and Proper Water Softening

Aside from the occasional bag of salt, there isn’t much you need to do with your water softener. All salt-based water softeners work the same way. Water flows into a resin tank, the resin tank contains beads that the hard water minerals stick to as they pass through the tank, allowing only softened water to pass through the system.

As the resin beads become covered with minerals, they need to be cleaned. The water softener will recharge automatically on scheduled maintenance, meaning that the flow of incoming freshwater is stopped while saltwater from the brine tank is used to clean the resin beads by dissolving the accumulated minerals on the beads.

During your system recharge/regeneration, your water will be hard. This maintenance process is typically set to take place overnight while water is not being used and should happen automatically without any prompting.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these issues or don’t think your softener is regenerating, contact your local experts at United Plumbing. We will arrive promptly and make the necessary repairs to have your system back up and running in no time.

United Plumbing proudly offers water softener repair in Springfield Missouri and replacement options for all of your water quality needs including your less common systems. If you have a specialty system in need of repair or replacement, we are qualified and happy to help.

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