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United Plumbing offers complete water heater repair and replacement options to our customers. Our plumbing team is professionally trained to diagnose water heater problems and perform whatever repairs are needed.

Sometimes a water heater cannot be repaired and must be replaced. United Plumbing proudly installs a professional-grade water heater only available to licensed plumbers through a plumbing supply house. It is important when a water heater is replaced, that the supply lines to your hot water tank are also replaced giving you a clean slate of reliable plumbing equipment that is sure to last years without any problems. It is also important if you have a natural gas or propane unit, that the exhaust flue is properly inspected and repaired if needed to ensure you don’t have any carbon monoxide getting into your home.

How do you know if your water heater needs replaced?
• Ruptured - Ruptured water heaters are the most common reason to replace your unit. When the water heater has a lot of sediment build up and/or rust, the water heater tank can spring a leak. This is not repairable and the water heater must be replaced. If you find water pooling around your water heater, your unit is possibly ruptured and you should contact a plumber to avoid water damage to the nearby areas

• Age - Sometimes age can play a factor in the need to replace your water heater. Often times, it is not cost-effective to repair an old/outdated water heater. Depending on the nature of the problem causing your water heater to malfunction, our plumbers may recommend a replacement as an option.

• Sediment - Occasionally a hot water tank full of sediment can be repaired, if there is too much sediment, it may be impossible to replace some parts on the unit. In this case, your water heater may need to be replaced. Sediment is caused by hard water. A water softening system is always a good option to help with the hard water that we have here in the Ozarks.

Water heater repairs are always a good cost-effective option to get your hot water system up and running again. The following are some of the water heater repairs that United Plumbing would be happy to diagnose and repair: Thermocoupler replacement, temperature and pressure valves, expansion tanks, re-circulating lines, heating elements, thermostats, control valves, burner assemblies, pilot assemblies, foul odors, and tankless water heater systems to name a few.

Our top plumbing experts are highly trained to effectively install, diagnose and repair your standard or tankless water heater. We are committed to educating our customers, therefore we will always provide you with whatever repair or replacement options are available to you, provide you with our recommendation, and allow you to make the decision on what is best for your home and finances.

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