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Our Services - Plumber Near Me in Springfield Missouri

United Plumbing assists both residential and commercial clients with minor, major and emergency plumbing repairs. Our plumbing repair service is available to the Springfield, Missouri metro and surrounding areas, and we also offer 24/7 emergency repair service for when you have a plumbing issue after normal business hours. Our plumbing technicians have the knowledge, experience, and education needed to efficiently assess your plumbing issues and recommend a solution. With our free estimates, you never agree to any work without knowing the cost upfront.

We help both residential and commercial clients and are capable of working with both large and small plumbing systems. Some of the repair and/or installation services that we offer include:

United Plumbing - Emergency-Services-Emergency-Plumber-Springfield-Missouri- image of repairman working on a drain in a commercial kitchen

Emergency Services

United Plumbing - Best-Drain-Cleaning-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman using drain cleaning equipment

Drain Cleaning

United Plumbing - Water-Heaters-–-Top-Plumbing-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman working on a water heater

Water Heaters

United Plumbing - Water-Lines-Best-Leak-Detection-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman working on an interior water line

Water Lines

United Plumbing - Sewer-Line-Repair-Sewer-Gas-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman working on sewer pipes in sub-floor or a house

Sewer Lines

United Plumbing - Gas-Line-Installation-in-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman working on an interior gas line

Gas Lines

United Plumbing -Toilets-Emergency-Plumber-in-Springfield-MO- image of repairman working on a toilet tank


United Plumbing Springfield MO-faucet repair - image of repairman working on a kitchen faucet


United Plumbing - Water-Softeners-Reliable-Plumbing-Company-in-Springfield-Missouri-image of repairman setting up a new water softener unit

Water Softeners

United Plumbing - Outdoor-Spigots-Water-Pipes-Repair-Springfield-MO-image of repairman working on a water pipe

Outdoor Spigots

We also specialize in full service drain cleaning. Each of our service vans are equipped with multiple pieces of drain cleaning equipment to handle any of your drain cleaning needs.

Did you know that many professional plumbing companies in our area hire out their excavating projects?

Meaning if you need your sewer or water line repaired/replaced, the company you hire may not be the ones actually completing the job. Instead they serve as a middle man between you and the excavator.

At United Plumbing, we proudly perform all of our own excavating. Cutting out the middle man helps to keep our sewer and water line replacement costs affordable.

If you need plumbing repair or installation services and are online searching for “Plumber Near Me”, contact your local experts at United Plumbing. There is no job too big or too small for our expertly trained technicians. If it’s plumbing, we do it. We are committed to providing excellent work at a fair price. We are confident that our customer service is the best in the industry and we stand behind our work 100%. At United Plumbing we are committed to building our business one lifelong customer at a time.

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