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The plumbing in your home is made up of water lines and waste lines. When discussing waste lines, it is important to understand the different types of waste lines in your home. A waste line is any line that carries waste from your home. All plumbing waste fixtures use traps to prevent sewer gases from leaking into the house. Through traps, all fixtures are connected to waste lines which in turn take the soil and waste to a vent stack in the wall. These vent stacks are connected to waste lines under your home. The waste lines under your home are connected to your main sewer service line which runs underground to the City sewer main.

Now that you understand how waste exits your home, let’s discuss issues that present themselves with waste lines. Your most common issue is going to be clogged drains. See our Drain Cleaning services to further learn about the many different types of drain clogs in a home. Your second most common issue is going to be with the sewer service line that carries the waste from under your home out to the city sewer main.

Often times, the sewer line can become damaged due to old age and tree roots. When the line becomes damaged to the point where it no longer functions to transport the waste from your home, you may need to have a camera inspection performed to assess the line and determine if a repair or replacement of the line is necessary. At United Plumbing, we have the industry's finest equipment to handle your needs.

From cleaning your drains to performing your sewer camera inspection to excavating and repairing or replacing your sewer line, United Plumbing will always treat your property as if it were our own to ensure you have the best experience possible at a reasonable rate.

We also service the waste pipes under your home. The most common issue with the waste pipes under your home arises from old age. Many of the homes in this area were originally plumbed with outdated cast iron, galvanized, ABS, and lead piping. Over the years, these materials will rust and start to disintegrate. When this happen you will find that waste will dump into your crawl space and you may start to notice a sewer smell.

United Plumbing will come to your home and assess the damaged pipes and determine the best solution for your home. Often time, a section of your waste lines can be replaced under your home to eradicate the issue. Occasionally when the condition of the pipes are too bad, we would recommend a full waste line replacement. This involves removing all of the old waste lines under your home and replacing your lines with updated plastic PVC piping.

Rest assured, at United Plumbing, we will always give you several options to fit your budget and needs.

We also service the traps under your fixtures. Commonly a minor repair, these traps can also be constructed out of materials that tend to age and rust. If you find that the visible traps or waste lines under your fixtures have begun to leak and need to be repaired or replaced, United Plumbing is happy to help.

At United Plumbing, our technicians are the top plumbing contractor experts at diagnosing your sewer and waste line problems. We promise to arrive at your house promptly, diagnose the source of your problems, and get you back up and running in a timely manner. Whether it’s a minor waste line repair or a major re-pipe of your waste lines or replacement of your sewer service line, you can trust in United Plumbing to handle any of your plumbing needs. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule your repair.

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