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Bathroom Drains - Drain Snake Springfield Missouri
Bathroom drain clogs are very common. Bathtub and sink blockages tend to build up over time whereas toilet blockages tend to be more of an abrupt clog.  Regardless of which problem you may be experiencing, you can trust United Plumbing to have your bathroom drain cleaning handled effectively and efficiently.

Have you attempted to wash your hands or brush your teeth only to find that the water in your lavatory sink isn’t draining? You are not alone. Over time, soap residue, toothpaste, grime, and debris build up in your bathroom sink pipes causing slow running drains.

Eventually, the sink drain will clog completely and you will be left with a sink full of water. Sometimes this build-up occurs in the trap underneath your sink as well as the drain pipes located behind your wall. Our technicians will use a small drain snake cable to clean out the buildup and clear the blockage. The flexible nature and small diameter of the cable make it a perfect choice for bathroom sink stoppages.

Similar to a bathroom sink clog, bathtub clogs are caused by soap scum, hair, and debris build up over time. You will notice that your bathtub will start draining slower over time and before you know it, you find yourself standing in several inches of dirty shower water thinking, “It may be time to call a plumber”.

Rest assured, our technicians at United Plumbing have the equipment and skills necessary to effectively handle your bathtub drain clog. We use a machine slightly smaller than the kitchen drain cleaning machine which is tailored specifically to handle your bathtub drain cleaning needs. Once our technicians are finished, you can shower with confidence knowing that your bathtub was cleaned by a skilled technician using the industry’s finest equipment.

When hiring United Plumbing to handle your bathroom drain cleaning needs, you can rest easy knowing your drains were cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment, by an expert technician, and at a fair price. Call us to schedule your appointment.

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