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Water Lines – Best Leak Detection Springfield Missouri

Problems arising from the water lines in your home or business can cause thousands of dollars in damage. It is important to recognize when to contact a plumber to avoid further damage to your property. The following are a few warning signs that it’s time to contact a plumber:

• The sound of water running when fixtures are off
• Damp or stained floors, walls, and ceilings
• Sudden increase in water usage costs
• Water pooling in your yard
• Hissing sound in or under your property
• Low or no water pressure in your home

United Plumbing can handle any of your property’s water line issues.

Some of these issues include:

Leak in the water service line - This problem is often discovered from water pooling in your yard or a sudden increase in your water usage costs. When your water service line fails, it is often due to age, material, improper installation, or settling. The process of repairing or replacing your water service line often entails excavating (digging) around your water service line and repairing/replacing the damaged pipe. Trenchless water line replacement is also a service that we offer if the property conditions allow.

Leaks in the crawl space - Oftentimes, a leak in the crawl space is discovered when hearing a hissing sound below your floorboards. This may also cause low water pressure or a high water usage bill. Our professional plumbers will assess the cause of the leak and provide you with a recommendation and estimate to repair your leak.

Slab leak - If your home has a basement or the main level was built on a slab, then a leak in the water lines running through the concrete slab can occur. This is often discovered by a sudden increase in water usage. Slab leaks can be difficult to locate and occasionally leak detection software is needed to determine the exact location. Your slab leak will then need to be exposed through the use of a jackhammer. The leak will be repaired and a rough patch of concrete will be re-applied to your concrete slab.

Leak in a wall or ceiling - The discovery of a plumbing leak in the wall or ceiling of your property can be a bit daunting. This is something that you will notice pretty quickly after the leak begins. Water lines are part of a pressured system feeding your entire house. So when a leak arises, it is important to shut off the water to your home and contact a plumber immediately to avoid major damage to your drywall, floors, and interior fixtures. If caught soon enough, our expert plumbers can often pinpoint the leak and cut a small hole in the drywall to make the necessary repair.

Leak under the sink - A leak under your sink is often a quick inexpensive repair. These leaks are often caused by supply lines or water shutoffs that are no longer properly sealed.

Leak in the outdoor spigot - A leak in your outdoor spigot will show itself either in your crawl space or on the floor closest to your outdoor faucet. Leaks in your outdoor spigot are most commonly caused by freeze breaks.

Frozen pipes - When your pipes freeze, you will find that you have no water coming through some or all of the fixtures in your home. Our service vehicles are equipped with professional bullet heaters to thaw your pipes and get your water running again. It is important to thaw your pipes as soon as possible because water expands when frozen which causes freeze breaks in the affected pipes. When expecting a deep freeze, leaving a couple of faucets in your home on at a steady drip can help to prevent freezing.

If you are experiencing any of these problems in your home, contact the best leak detection experts at United Plumbing to inspect your water lines. United Plumbing is licensed and insured and we take pride in our quality work and excellent customer service. We will diagnose your problem and give you a fair, no-obligation estimate before beginning any work to ensure you are happy and comfortable with the service provided to you.

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