Do You Need Water Heater Repair in Springfield Missouri

Do You Need Water Heater Repair in Springfield Missouri?

Whether it’s a nice warm shower or being able to thoroughly clean your hands, having plenty of hot water is an undeniable pleasure. But what if you spend more time waiting for the water to warm up than you do actually enjoying it? Why is your water taking so long to warm up? Do you need water heater repair in Springfield Missouri? There are a number of possible reasons why it takes longer for your water to heat up.

Pipe Temperature

The pipes in your home get colder when they're not in use. As hot water passes through colder pipes, the pipes absorb a lot of the heat and will continue to do so until they become warm. That is why it tends to take longer for water to get warm during the colder months. You can alleviate this problem to a degree by getting your pipes insulated.

Type Of Water Pipe

This one works hand-in-hand with the pipe temperature. If you have water pipes that are galvanized, they have a tendency to draw more heat out of the water flowing through them.

Water Already In The Pipes

When you turn on your faucet, water immediately begins flowing. Depending on how much water you currently have sitting in your pipes, it may take more time to clear that cooler water out before the hot water from your water heater begins flowing through.

Distance From Water Heater To Fixture

The farther the hot water heater is from your faucet or shower head, the longer it takes the hot water to reach you. Even if the hot water heater is close, keep in mind that the pipes in your home likely don’t travel in a straight line, but turn and wind throughout, increasing the water’s travel time.

Size Of Water Pipes

Water flows slower in larger pipes. If your pipes have a smaller diameter, the water will rush through quickly and get you the heat you want faster. If you want to see for yourself, you can check out the pipes underneath your sink for an idea of your home’s typical pipe diameter.

No one enjoys waiting for hot water. But knowing reasons why that might the case—as well as ways around them—makes one of life’s little annoyances a little less annoying.

Still unsure what the reason for delayed warm water is? Or worse, are you not getting any warm water at all? United Plumbing is here to help, day or night when you need water heater repair in Springfield Missouri.

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