When Is It Time For Sump Pump Installation in Springfield Missouri

When Is It Time For Sump Pump Installation in Springfield Missouri?

No one wants a flooded basement, and a sump pump is one of the most effective tools to prevent such an unpleasant event. On average, a sump pump lasts around ten years, so if your sump pump is older than that, it might be time to think about a replacement before it gives out and you’re left in a basement full of standing water.

Here are some signs that your existing sump pump might be ready to go to the dump and you’re ready for sump pump installation in Springfield Missouri.

Weird Or No Sound

A working sump pump has a very distinct, clear sound. Familiarize yourself with how your sump pump sounds while it still works well. If it sounds like it’s struggling—or worse, not making sounds at all, despite having water in it—you may need to consider a replacement.

Odd Cycles

Pay attention to when and how often your sump pump turns on during a big rain. A float switch that isn’t adjusted properly could be a simple reason behind irregular cycling, or perhaps faulty wiring. If neither of these is the culprit, then your sump pump might be wearing out.

Extensive Rust

Water and bacteria are significant causes of rust on sump pumps, and too much rust can lead to corrosion and the deterioration or outright destruction of important parts inside the machine. The bacteria can even cause plumbing clogs. Letting the rust get out of control could lead to premature death for your sump pump.

Excessive Running Time

Sump pumps should have enough power to suck up a large volume of water and pump it out of your home. Those numbers will vary depending on the water volume itself and the length and pathway of the pipe, so you might want to check with a professional plumber in Springfield, Missouri to see if your sump pump is working as it should. If not, its days might just be numbered.

Sump pumps don’t last forever. Don’t run the risk of having yours bite the dust at the worst possible time. Our professional plumbers at United Plumbing can diagnose your sump pump and see whether it can be repaired or if a new one needs to be installed. Give us a call today.

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