Lost Item Retrieval Plumbing Services in Springfield Missouri

Lost Item Retrieval Plumbing Services in Springfield Missouri

Nothing else gives you that sinking feeling quite like accidentally dropping a valuable item down the drain. Should you call a plumber immediately? Try to retrieve the item yourself? Here are some ideas for lost item retrieval plumbing services in Springfield Missouri.

Reach Into The Pipe With A Tool

In some instances, the item dropped doesn’t fall too far into the drain. Fishing it out may be as simple as reaching down the drain with a small pair of pliers. But you're not always so lucky and a tool that can go deeper into the pipe might be needed.

Bent coat hangers, while crude, are tried and true tools for recovering lost items from drains. Simply grab a thin metal coat hanger, straighten it out, and maneuver it into the pipe, fishing around for what you’re trying to retrieve. Try to pay attention to any resistance you might encounter, as you don’t want to accidentally push the object farther down the pipe.

If the dropped item was made of metal, consider using a magnet. You can try running it along the outside of the pipe, drawing the item up to the top. Alternatively, the magnet can be tied to a string or flexible rod and lowered into the drain. As with using a hanger, be slow and meticulous. If the magnet drops the item, it could tumble deeper into the pipe.

Take The Pipe Apart

This is where things can be a tad more complicated. And messy. For starters, make sure to shut your water off before taking anything apart. Lay down some towels to keep your floor free of any residual water and put a bucket underneath the pipes. Unscrew the slip nuts of the p-trap (the pipe under your sink that bends into a “U” shape) and search to see if your item is there. Consider wearing gloves during this step, as you may have to sift through other debris that has accumulated in your pipes.

Call A Plumber

When all else fails, a professional plumber in Springfield, Missouri might be your best bet to get your lost item back. At United Plumbing, we have all the tools of the trade and experience needed to recover your valuables with professionalism and utmost care.

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