Should I Convert to a Gas Stove? - Gas Line Installation in Springfield MO

Should I Convert to a Gas Stove? – Gas Line Installation in Springfield MO

The world of plumbing is about more than just water and sewage. Gas runs through pipes too, and we at United Plumbing handle gas line installation with the same care and concern that we do everything else in our line of work.

There are many situations that might require a high-quality gas line installation in Springfield Missouri. An example of one such situation is a home switching from an electric stove to gas. But, why would one choose to do so? What are some factors that make a gas stove superior to an electric one? Here are several.


While gas stoves are cheaper to purchase than their electric brethren, it’s their operating cost that truly makes gas stoves a more financially sound option for homeowners. Natural gas is typically less expensive than electricity, so you will likely end up having a lower gas bill than you would an electric bill.


Electric stoves take time to build up heat, whereas, with gas stoves, you get the heat that you need almost immediately. Remember that time is money, so whatever time you can save by cooking your meals faster is ultimately savings in your pocket. On the other hand, gas stoves also cool down faster, which means less excess heat in your home during the sweltering summer months, as well as less worrying about your children accidentally touching a hot stovetop.


The fact of the matter is, you have much more cooking versatility with a gas stove than you do electric. You can alter the temperature on a gas range much more precisely—not to mention faster—to cook food how you want it.

Electric and gas stoves have their pros and cons to be sure, and it is ultimately your decision which of the options you decide to go with. One thing cannot be denied, though: gas stoves have some very clear advantages that electric stoves do not.

If you have been swayed to convert to a gas stove, there’s no reason to delay. Our licensed, professional plumbers here at United Plumbing are experts at high-quality gas line installation (whether rigid or flex pipe), appliance installation, or even complete gas system re-pipes. Call our office today in Springfield, Missouri for a free no-pressure estimate on the gas line installation or repair.

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