Do I Need Sewer Line Replacement in Springfield Missouri

Do I Need Sewer Line Replacement in Springfield Missouri

It’s an undeniable truth: sewer lines don’t last forever. At United Plumbing, we do our utmost to keep your sewer lines in working order. But eventually, there are simply no options left and replacement is inevitable. The big question is knowing what are the telltale signs that you actually need sewer line replacement in Springfield Missouri?


Everyone is guilty of neglecting minor plumbing problems that crop up from time to time, but sewer lines are an area that one may not typically think about. If longtime plumbing problems in your sewer line persist, the neglect could lead to irreversible damage that can only be rectified with a complete sewer line replacement.

Questionable Clogs

It may seem unlikely, but clogs can result even if one hasn’t been flushing the wrong things down the drain. If your pipes are clogging up, but not due to the blockages from paper towels or some other non-flushable item, then there may be a larger problem in your pipes that needs to be addressed.

Old Age

You should also consider how old your sewer line is. The sewer line’s age will likely be comparable to that of your home. As with all things, they tend to wear out in time. Unfortunately for those with older homes, sewer lines from the mid-90s and earlier were typically made from less water-tight materials and may need replacing sooner than current, more secure piping.

Tree Roots

Root systems can also pose a tremendous hazard to your sewer lines. If you have large, old trees in your yard, their roots may be coming close or even making contact with your sewer lines. Once a root does make contact with a pipe, the unleashed moisture and nutrients can hasten root growth. If your sewer line is being punctured by tree roots, you’ll need to deal with both the tree and the sewer line before the roots grow too far out of control.

At this point, you may at least have an idea as to whether you might need sewer line replacement, but a professional plumber in Springfield Missouri can help you find out for sure. At United Plumbing we offer a sewer camera inspection that can snake through your sewer lines and determine where the issue lies without tearing up your yard or home. We’ll even let you watch the monitor along with us. Have peace of mind by giving us a call today at (417) 891-9777.

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