Most Common Leaks That Need Toilet Repair in Springfield Missouri

Most Common Leaks That Need Toilet Repair in Springfield Missouri

Leaking toilets are a common plumbing problem, and the sources of the toilet leak can vary. Sometimes your toilet will run longer than it should even after the flush cycle is over and other times a leaky toilet can actually leak water onto your bathroom floor. Here are some common locations of leaks in and around your toilet and the best ways to fix them with toilet repair in Springfield Missouri.

Wax Ring

If water is coming from the base of the toilet and pooling on the floor, the wax ring might be wearing out. The wax ring provides a waterproof seal at the base of your toilet to keep flushed sewage from ending up on the floor. Over time, the wax can harden and crack, allowing water to seep through. If that’s the case, the ring will need replaced, which requires the toilet to be unbolted from the floor. This process is recommended to be completed by a professional plumber in Springfield Missouri.

Feed Line

The rubber tube that supplies your toilet tank with fresh water can either loosen over time or develop a hole that water can leak from. If the feed line has come loose, you can simply tighten the fitting with a small pipe wrench. But if there’s a hole in the feed line, then replacement is recommended.


The rubber gaskets, which keep water from leaking between the toilet’s tank and bowl, can also deteriorate over time. If you see water dripping around the back of your toilet, worn out gaskets might be the cause. This is another toilet repair that is recommended to be done by a plumbing professional.

Toilet Bowl

Unlike the other leaks mentioned thus far that only require replacement parts, a leaky bowl caused by cracks to the porcelain might be a more expensive. A smaller hairline crack can be repaired with a simple plumbing epoxy. Such an epoxy, however, will not work on deeper cracks more than 1/16 of an inch thick. Instead, the bowl will need replaced. Be alert to repairable hairline cracks before they become a deeper problem.

It can take a bit of time and effort to determine the source of a toilet leak, but taking the time to familiarize yourself with where toilets leak, along with being alert to early signs of leaks, can go a long way into saving you money. Your friendly neighborhood plumbers at United Plumbing are here to help, both in pinpointing the source of your leak and coming up with the most cost effective long term solution for fixing it. Contact us anytime if you need help with your toilet leaks.

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