Fixing Noisy Pipes With Plumbing Pipe Repair in Springfield Missouri

Fixing Noisy Pipes With Plumbing Pipe Repair in Springfield Missouri

If you’re trying to figure out if you have a problem with your plumbing, your ears can often provide clues that you’ll need to investigate. If you hear odd noises around your house related to when the water is running, then the problem might be related to your plumbing pipes. Here are some common sounds to listen for, what they could mean in relation to your plumbing and when you need to call in the experts for plumbing pipe repair in Springfield Missouri.

Dripping Sounds

A dripping noise is fairly straightforward. There’s likely a leaky pipe or faucet somewhere in your home. Hopefully it’s easy to find and accessible, but if you hear dripping behind one of your walls, then it may be a leak that’s difficult to reach. If that’s the case, we recommend contacting a plumber in Springfield, Missouri to come check it out in an efficient manner that won’t potentially damage your walls. Time could be of the essence. A leak left unchecked can result in significant water damage.

Ticking Sounds

A more frequent sound one might hear is a ticking noise while water is running. This isn’t necessarily a problem. If your water meter is close to your home’s foundation, the tick it makes could carry through the pipes. It’s a perfectly normal sound that is nothing to fret over.

Banging Sounds

Something that might warrant fretting, however, is if you hear your pipes banging around. Such sounds might indicate a water pressure problem or that your pipes are either loose in your wall or not well-secured. Again, this could be a potentially damaging issue that would be best left in the hands of a professional plumber for plumbing pipe repair in Springfield Missouri.

Noisy pipes could be a mild irritant at best or a potential problem that needs immediate fixing at worst. In any event, knowing the reasons behind the noises your pipes make can prove very important. If you’re still having trouble diagnosing the cause or need help dealing with it, United Plumbing in Springfield, Missouri has your back. Contact us today.

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