What Makes a Good Plumber - Sump Pump Installation in Springfield MO

What Makes a Good Plumber – Sump Pump Installation in Springfield MO

There are a lot of plumbers in Springfield Missouri to choose from. It can be hard to know who to turn to when you have any sort of plumbing problem, from sink leaks to sump pump installation in Springfield Missouri. While all plumbers have varying skill sets, there are certain traits that every good plumber should have.

Safety Consciousness

There are certain plumbing problems that non-professionals shouldn’t handle themselves, and for good reason. In some instances, plumbing can be dangerous. There might be a mishap with a tool. You could potentially fall if working from great heights. Extreme hot and cold temperatures—more so the latter at this frigid time of year—can lead to injury or death. Make sure the plumber you hire is safe, so you’re not sorry.


It takes a significant amount of schooling and education to be involved in the plumbing profession. If a person doesn’t have the proper licenses and certifications required, they have no business fixing your plumbing. On the other hand, when those involved in plumbing education recognize them as licensed, certified plumbers, it’s a great sign that you can trust their skills.


Time is money, and who wants to wait around for a late plumber to show up? Worse still are plumbing problems that should be done quickly, but are dragged out by a plumber for entirely too long. Don’t pay more money than you should because your plumber is milking their time at your home or business. A good plumber gets the job done in just the right amount of time while working efficiently and effectively.

Good Communication Skills

Plumbing problems can be complicated, and so can the solutions. If your toilet is backed up or your hot water heater isn’t working properly, you want your plumber to be able to communicate both simply and effectively. They should discuss what the issues are, what they’re doing to treat them, and what your options are if additional work is needed.

Communication is important when it comes to cost as well. Some plumbers may attempt to have you pay more than necessary by not communicating fully with their customers. Of course, communication is a two-way street. It helps the plumber when our customers expand on their wants and needs as well.

There are many traits one wants to see in their plumber. At United Plumbing, we recognize the value of these traits and strive to hire, train and be the kind of professionals that you want to trust with your plumbing problems and refer us to others. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check our reviews on Google and Facebook.

Better yet, contact United Plumbing today, and we’ll show you firsthand.

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