Sprinkler System Tips To Prevent Plumbing Pipe Repair in Springfield Missouri

Sprinkler System Tips To Prevent Plumbing Pipe Repair in Springfield Missouri

With the dog days of summer comes dry grass. And with dry grass comes the need for a well-working sprinkler system along with well-working plumbing. Sprinkler systems can be costly if used incorrectly. Here are a few things you should avoid for maximum sprinkler efficiency.


A healthy lawn doesn’t need to be watered every single day. Too much water can fill the porous spaces in the soil, which keeps out much-needed oxygen for grass growth. The lack of oxygen additionally puts the grass under stress, making it more susceptible to disease.

Check your lawn to see if it really needs water. Indicators include the grass turning a bluish color or your footprint remaining for a long period of time after stepping on it.

Mother Nature can contribute to oversaturation as well. You don’t want your sprinkler system turning on right after a big rainfall, so consider installing a rain sensor that can detect when the lawn is already well-saturated.

Rushing Into The First Watering

Turning your sprinkler system on too quickly for the first time can result in water hammer, when a surge of water pressure shoots out, potentially damaging your system and requiring plumbing pipe repair in Springfield Missouri. Starting your system off slowly the first time can prevent this from happening.

Not Cleaning Your Sprinkler Heads

Dirt and grass can get clogged in your sprinkler heads, causing them to stick in an upright position when they should retract back into the ground. This leaves them susceptible to being run over with a mower or being exposed to the elements unnecessarily. Cleaning your sprinkler system heads every few weeks can be very helpful preventative maintenance.

Failing To Winterize

Sprinkler systems are like any other type of plumbing. Leaving water in the pipes through the winter runs the risk of freezing, expansion, and bursting. You can blow the water out yourself with an air compressor, or, if you’d rather leave it to a professional, call a landscaper or a plumber in Springfield, MO to take care of it for you.

Not Checking The Controller

Your sprinkler controller sets the frequency, time, and duration of watering. However, the timing could be skewed if there is ever a power outage or the system doesn’t account for daylight savings time. Give your controller a look-over every once in a while to determine if it is operating at the proper time and at proper intervals.

The summer heat is just beginning, so make sure your lawn stays green, healthy, and well-watered with a properly working sprinkler system. If you need any more tips or some help getting your sprinkler plumbing set up or repaired, call a local plumber in Springfield, MO that you can trust. Your friends at United Plumbing are here to help 24/7, whatever the season.

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