Solutions for Garbage Disposal Repair in Springfield Missouri

Solutions for Garbage Disposal Repair in Springfield Missouri

Have you found yourself in the middle of doing dishes only to discover your garbage disposal is not functioning properly? Sometimes it is difficult for the average homeowner to determine if the problem is caused by a clogged kitchen drain or a garbage disposal malfunction.

At United Plumbing, we love educating our customers about plumbing. Today, we will discuss how to diagnose a kitchen drain clog vs garbage disposal malfunction, how to repair your garbage disposal, and when to contact a professional for garbage disposal repair in Springfield Missouri.

If you’re like most people, when your kitchen sink is starting to drain slowly, your “go-to” is typically to turn the disposal on to ensure there is no food sitting at the bottom of the drain. If you turn your disposal on and the disposal sounds normal but the dishwater is not draining, you likely have a clogged kitchen sink drain and will need to contact a plumbing professional to clean the line. If your disposal starts humming, doesn’t seem to be running at all, or is leaking then the problem is likely with the disposal itself.


Here are some simple DIY tips to help you determine if it’s time to call a professional:

Problem: The disposal will not turn on

Solution: If your disposal isn’t turning on when you flip the switch and you don’t hear any noise coming from the disposal, first verify that the garbage disposal is plugged in. After verifying that the unit is plugged in, try pushing the little red reset button (typically located at the bottom of the disposal). If this does not restore proper functioning, try resetting the breaker. If after attempting these simple solutions your disposal is still not functioning, the motor on your disposal is likely seized and will need to be replaced.

Problem: The disposal hums but does not grind

Solution: This is a likely indicator that your disposal is jammed. This is almost always caused by food or foreign debris getting lodged between the impellers and the shredder ring inside the disposal. Use the offset wrench that comes with your disposal to free the jammed blades (if you don’t have the wrench, you can pick one up at any local hardware store). Insert the wrench in the provided slot at the underneath/bottom of the disposal. Turn the wrench clockwise until you feel the blades turn freely.

Problem: The disposal is leaking

Solution: If your garbage disposal is leaking, it is beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Verify that the leak is coming from the disposal itself and not from any of the plumbing pipes/seals around it and contact a professional to install a new garbage disposal.

We are always happy to help out and give advice as needed. If you find yourself stumped or in need of our professional plumbing services, contact our office today.

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