Should I Replace My Toilet - Toilet Installation in Springfield Missouri

Should I Replace My Toilet – Toilet Installation in Springfield Missouri

Life would certainly be a hassle without toilets in our homes. At the same time, they can be a definite pain when they’re not working properly. Toilets can last for decades, so chances are you won’t go through too many in your lifetime. The time will come eventually though. Here are some reasons it might be time for you and your toilet to part ways.


Simply put, your toilet might be old. In fact, if your toilet is 25 years or older (or more specifically, was manufactured before the year 1994), it likely doesn’t adhere to current federal law. It’s not that you’re housing an illegal toilet, but you are likely losing money by not having one that’s efficient. All toilets manufactured from 1994 onward were obligated to use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, so if your toilet is at least a quarter-century old this year, it’s likely using a lot more water (and costing you more money) than you would like. Getting a new toilet could significantly reduce your water consumption, and ultimately, your water bill.


Cracks in the porcelain could be an unrepairable issue. If the cracks are small enough, you can likely repair them yourself with epoxy, but larger ones might require a complete toilet replacement to avoid the risk of a water leak soaking a hole in the bathroom floor. Be on the lookout when cleaning your toilet to see if there are any cracks that may be hard to spot.

Part Replacement

Do you find yourself constantly having to call plumbing companies in Springfield Missouri to replace parts on your toilet, such as the flapper or the fill valve? Like other complex household items, parts can sometimes wear out faster than you can replace them. As a result, your money can fly out of your wallet faster than you put it in. Sometimes you’re better off taking the plunge and buying a new toilet instead of continually throwing money around to keep your old one barely functioning.

Nothing lasts forever, not even your toilet. Pay attention to the telltale signs that your toilet needs replacing, and if you want the help of an expert in toilet installation in Springfield Missouri, look no further than your friends here at United Plumbing.

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