How To Fix Showerhead Problems - Plumber in Springfield Missouri

How To Fix Showerhead Problems – Plumber in Springfield Missouri

For many of us, taking a nice warm shower is an essential part of our daily routine. What happens when that daily routine is disrupted due to a problem with your showerhead? Here are a few different showerhead issues that a plumber in Springfield Missouri is often asked to fixed.

Low Water Pressure

If your showerhead is barely putting out water, the cause may be dirt or mineral deposit buildup. Shut off your water, remove the shower head, and soak it in a mineral deposit solution or white vinegar for several hours. If any spray holes remain clogged, poke them gently with a toothpick or safety pin. Give your showerhead another try and see how well the water flows.

Newer showerheads have built-in flow restrictors designed to conserve water, so if you’ve recently replaced your older showerhead with a new one, the lower water flow may simply be by design. The flow restrictor can sometimes be removed if water pressure is an issue.


If the showerhead is still dripping when the water is turned off, then it’s likely a problem with your shower cartridge, not the shower head itself. The cartridge helps control water temperature and volume, and if it’s no longer working properly, water can pass through and leak out the showerhead and you will probably need to call a plumber to repair the issue.

On the other hand, if the head drips when water is on, it may one of the showerhead connections that’s the culprit. Check to see where the water is leaking from, turn off your water and remove the shower head. Odds are the washers are worn, allowing water to pass through. Thankfully, these can be purchased at most hardware stores and easily replaced.

Hot Water Doesn’t Last

If your hot water doesn’t last long enough, it could be a problem with your water heater or it might simply be because your showerhead is designed for a higher flow rate. This makes the hot water flow out faster and get depleted more quickly. Newer showerheads are designed with flow restrictors to conserve water, so consider replacing your old shower head with a newer one. You can stay warm in the shower longer and lower your water bill at the same time.

These are a few of the potential showerhead issues that the plumbers at United Plumbing have helped our customers with over the years. If you ever have any problems with your showerhead, give our friendly neighborhood plumbers in Springfield, Missouri a call, and we will get the issue fixed.

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