Dealing With Older Plumbing in Springfield Missouri

Dealing With Older Plumbing in Springfield Missouri

Part of the popularity of home renovation shows on HGTV comes from the charm that can only be found in an older home. But along with all that charm, a historic home usually means older plumbing that might require some additional care that newer homes may not need. How does the plumbing inside historic older homes differ from modern plumbing in Springfield Missouri? And what can be done to keep it running smoothly?

PVC and plastic pipes have been the standard in homes since the mid-1970s, but before that, pipes were often made of clay, cast iron or galvanized steel. These pipes had a tendency to crack, rust (often from the inside out), or break down at the joints due to their heavy weight. Thankfully, plumbing has been modernized to the point where such problems are significantly lessened, but older homes that still have older pipes are more susceptible to failures that require plumbing repairs.

Drain cleaners are often recognized as a last-ditch effort to clear pipes due to generating plastic-warping heat, but they’re especially dangerous on older pipes, which they can eat through much more easily. Older pipes are also more susceptible to bursting in freezing temperatures. Prevent water in your older pipes from freezing and expanding by insulating them, leaving your water on at a drip, or opening cabinets with pipes in them during freezing temperatures to allow them to warm up.

Knowing the location of your main shut-off valve is especially important when dealing with older plumbing. While modern plumbing tends to have this valve in an easy-to-reach location, older homes might have it hidden away somewhere harder to find or reach. Don’t take a chance. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to be able to find the shut-off valve as quickly as possible, so familiarize yourself with its location as soon as you can before there's a plumbing emergency.

Speed is key when it comes to older plumbing. Older pipes can break down much more easily than their modern plastic counterparts, so it’s that much more essential to keep an eye on them and, if problems arise, be quick to solve them.

Whether you need help maintaining or fixing your older pipes or perhaps you're ready to upgrade your plumbing with something more modern, United Plumbing can do all of that for you. Give your local plumbing experts in Springfield, Missouri a call and see how we can keep your pipes running smoothly, new or old.

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