Choosing a Shower Head - Plumbing Contractor Springfield MO

Choosing a Shower Head – Plumbing Contractor Springfield MO

The shower head we use in our homes probably isn't something that many of us think about. But how many of us have taken a shower at a hotel or another location and realize how different it feels than the shower in our own home, either for better or worse? There are several factors that determine that, but a big one is the choice of shower head. So how can you determine which shower head is best for your home? Here are several factors to consider.

First, consider your water pressure. This refers to the force getting the water through your pipes. The shower head of your dreams won't do you much good without the pressure to push the water through. If you have city water, you can ask the water department to take a reading of your water pressure. You can also buy a water pressure tester yourself, hook it up to an outdoor spigot, and get a reading on the spot.

A lot of the time, water pressure is predetermined by where you live. Other times it may be limited due to plumbing problems, which can be solved by your friendly neighborhood plumbing contractor in Springfield, MO. If your water pressure is predetermined, you might choose a shower head with "air infusion" technology to compensate. Many modern shower heads use this to draw in air, which can then shoot the water out with more force.

If you're on the more frugal side, you might search for a low-flow shower head. They are designed to reduce water use, which reduces your water bill.

Some might consider a handheld shower head. Think of it like the sprayer on your sink. A great way to get the water exactly where you want it to go without having to do a whole lot of moving around yourself. It's especially useful for older adults who have restricted mobility, or for bathing babies or pets.

Rain shower heads hang directly overhead and simulate rainfall. They offer a gentler steam of water instead of a concentrated spray. A major plus is that, with the water focused around the center of the shower, less water gets on the walls, reducing the risk of mildew growth. Do keep in mind that since they're not angled like a traditional shower head, they take up more room and come at a higher price tag.

Finally, if you're a fan of bells and whistles, there are even shower heads on the market today offer mood lighting and Bluetooth speaker technology, which can further enhance your showering experience.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your shower head. If you'd like to have a discussion with a certified plumbing contractor in Springfield, MO, give United Plumbing a call. We can discuss in greater detail what shower head might work best for your situation, and even use our plumbing know-how to install it for you.

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