Bathtub Leak Detection in Springfield Missouri

Bathtub Leak Detection in Springfield Missouri

Wherever there’s plumbing, eventually there are bound to be leaks. From sinks to toilets. Even bathtubs. Where are bathtub leaks most likely to occur? How can you spot them? And what’s the best way to have them fixed? If you've got water dripping into the basement every time you take a shower, you need to learn about bathtub leak repair and leak detection in Springfield Missouri.

Find The Leak

Bathtub leaks can be easy to spot over time due to the damage they cause to outlying areas. Is your vinyl flooring peeling? Are the wood walls looking more worn? Is there any water staining on any surface near the tub? These are a few of the telltale signs, though it still may take some leak detection work to pinpoint exactly where the leak is located.

To see if the leak is coming from around the outside of the tub, line the sides with newspaper and begin filling the tub with water. Areas of the newspaper that get wet will indicate the location of the leak.

If there’s no leak there, go ahead and continue filling the tub with water to test the drain. Once the tub is full, watch the water carefully. If the water level begins to lower or you hear water leaking out, there may be an issue with the drain plug.

Faucet leaks are another potential issue, and thankfully often easy to spot and inexpensive to fix. As with other areas of one’s plumbing, rubber washers can wear out over time, causing a potentially costly drip.

Fix The Leak

It doesn’t take much to fix a leak around the base of the tub. First, wipe any water away, then apply a fresh layer of caulking to the affected area. Don’t be in a hurry to run water again before it has time to dry; two or three hours should be sufficient.

Cracks in the bathtub itself will take a bit more effort to repair. After wiping the affected area clean of water, a strong sealant resistant to water should do the trick.

A drain plug that isn’t doing its job is another easy fix. The putty around the plug may be weakening, allowing water to drain. Putty can be purchased at your local hardware store and reapplied.

When it comes to a leaky faucet due to a failing rubber washer, they can be replaced with little effort and cost. Shut off your water, disassemble your faucet, remove the old washers, and replace them with fresh new ones.

Of course, sometimes the problem runs a bit deeper than what we can easily see. If none of these areas are the culprit and you continue to see or hear water whenever you take a bath or shower, you may need a professional plumber in Springfield, Missouri to take a look. United Plumbing is here and ready to help any way we can. Call us today.

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